Up one level Wolf Creek Thanksgiving 2005

Wolf Creek Thanksgiving 2005

2004WolfCreek_0001 Our formal place cards 2004WolfCreek_0003 All hands on deck for the frying of the first bird 2004WolfCreek_0005 Cool-hand James lowers it in 2004WolfCreek_0008 I do my part making sure the oil is hot hot hot 2004WolfCreek_0011 Yup, it's hot 2004WolfCreek_0012 Kyla and Kailey 2004WolfCreek_0016 One cajun bird cooked to perfection 2004WolfCreek_0021 Duff keeping close to the prize 2004WolfCreek_0022 2004WolfCreek_0023 Getting ready to dine. 2004WolfCreek_0024 Let the games begin! 2004WolfCreek_0025 2004WolfCreek_0026 The Wolf Creek crew, minus Jen on camera duty 2004WolfCreek_0030 A post dinner soak. 2004WolfCreek_0031 Boots, raring to go 2004WolfCreek_0032 A look up the liftline 2004WolfCreek_0033 Ryan, Brian, Lauren and Sarah taking a break from the storm