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Kim and I spend a great weekend in VT October 10th to 13th. The weather was perfect and foliage was peaking so we had a great time checking out Btown and hiking Mt. Mansfield.


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Vermont2008_0003 Looking up Church St Vermont2008_0004 Kim and I... Vermont2008_0006 ...with Mom Vermont2008_0007 The view of the Adirondacks from Mom's house in Shelburne Vermont2008_0012 Heading towards Mt Mansfield Vermont2008_0016 Mt Mansfield from Underhill Vermont2008_0019 Hiking up the first part of the road to the trailhead Vermont2008_0020 Vermont2008_0021 Autumn orange Vermont2008_0023 The lower forest with streams Vermont2008_0024 Vermont2008_0026 We take the Laura Cowles trail straight up to the ridgeline Vermont2008_0029 Don't they look like Monkey's? Vermont2008_0030 Vermont2008_0031 Vermont2008_0032 Another stream crossing Vermont2008_0034 Lichen and moss Vermont2008_0035 Approaching treeline - the view of the foliage below Vermont2008_0036 Vermont2008_0039 Vermont2008_0040 Vermont2008_0041 The trail here is steep and rocky - pretty much heading straight up. Vermont2008_0042 Vermont2008_0043 Lots of scrambling... Vermont2008_0046 Lake Champlain from near treeline Vermont2008_0047 Vermont2008_0048 Vermont2008_0049 The view from the ridgeline - Sunset Ridge trail is on the right Vermont2008_0050 Sunset Ridge - the most popular route Vermont2008_0051 The view south of the Mt Mansfield ridgeline Vermont2008_0052 It's about 45 degrees and windy, with clouds blowing through Vermont2008_0053
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