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Pics from the 2006 Triple Bypass - the wettest and coldest ride I've done.


TripleBypass2006_0001 Starting at the Evergreen lot at 6:15 TripleBypass2006_0003 TripleBypass2006_0005 Heading up Squaw Pass TripleBypass2006_0006 Just before the rain starts TripleBypass2006_0007 Eric on Squaw Pass TripleBypass2006_0008 Idaho Springs - 30 minutes in the Jeep with the heat cranked to stop shaking. TripleBypass2006_0009 But I'm feeling much better now... TripleBypass2006_0011 What most of the ride looked like TripleBypass2006_0013 Eric and I at Loveland TripleBypass2006_0014 Eric heading up Loveland Pass TripleBypass2006_0015 And up... TripleBypass2006_0017 TripleBypass2006_0018 At the summit TripleBypass2006_0019 TripleBypass2006_0020 Lake Dillon on the way to Breck TripleBypass2006_0022 Paula providing our private sag TripleBypass2006_0024 George - Paula's co-pilot TripleBypass2006_0026 Coming into the top of Vail Pass