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Tour de France 2004

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Photos from my trip to the Tour de France in 2004. Lance takes his sixth straight win, and we cycle France

TDF2004_0001 Looking out our hotel window in Paris on the first night. TDF2004_0003 The sunset in Paris TDF2004_0005 TDF2004_0007 TDF2004_0011 TDF2004_0012 TDF2004_0013 TDF2004_0014 TDF2004_0015 TDF2004_0016 DSC00039 DSC00045 DSC00046 DSC00047 DSC00052 DSC00062 DSC00067 Cycling through St. Egreve DSC00070 Brian Weiss in St. Egreve DSC00072 DSC00103 DSC00105 DSC00108 TDF2004_0020 TDF2004_0024 TDF2004_0029 TDF2004_0030 TDF2004_0031
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TDF2004_0032 TDF2004_0033 TDF2004_0035 TDF2004_0036 TDF2004_0037 TDF2004_0038 TDF2004_0039 TDF2004_0041 TDF2004_0043 TDF2004_0044 TDF2004_0049 TDF2004_0050 TDF2004_0051 TDF2004_0057 TDF2004_0059 TDF2004_0060 TDF2004_0062 TDF2004_0064 TDF2004_0074 TDF2004_0076 TDF2004_0077 TDF2004_0080 TDF2004_0081 TDF2004_0082 TDF2004_0084 TDF2004_0085 TDF2004_0086 TDF2004_0088 TDF2004_0089 TDF2004_0090 TDF2004_0096 TDF2004_0099 TDF2004_0102 TDF2004_0103 TDF2004_0104 TDF2004_0105 TDF2004_0106 TDF2004_0107 TDF2004_0108 TDF2004_0109 TDF2004_0110 TDF2004_0111 TDF2004_0113 TDF2004_0114 TDF2004_0115 TDF2004_0116 TDF2004_0120 TDF2004_0121
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