Jason and Laurel's St. John Wedding - Aug 25th, 2003

Well, after some time, a little rest, and a not insignificant count of Pain Killers, I've (finally) gotten the website together from our little adventure in St. John.

First, I'd like to thank Jason and Laurel for having their wedding in such a beautiful place. I can confidently say that I probably would never have made it down to the Virgin Islands if not given such a fine excuse for a vacation. It was great to spend the week relaxing and partying with friends, both new and old.

Second, I'd like to thank everyone who mailed me copies of their photos. Since I decided to lose my spare memory card (oh...along with the Jeep and Villa keys) in the ocean the night of the reception, I wouldn't have had such a complete memory of this experience. Nor, would I have been able to put together anywhere as complete of photo albums for the trip. So, what you see here is about 500 pictures that I've chosen from the over 750 that I had. You can figure out who took the pictures based on the file names: Tom's begin with '6872', Meagan's are the black and whites, Elisabetta's start with 'IMG_', Dina's with 'DH00', Blythe's are nicely named, and mine begin with 'StJohn'.

To organize the pictures, I separated them into the following subject areas.

This album has various pictures of hanging out on the beach and at the Westin Hotel.

Pictures from when we managed to tear ourselves away from the Pain Killers and the Villa's pool and head either around St. John or off the island entirely.

To match every sunny day there was a long night of craziness.

Photo evidence that we raised the bar on what constitutes a booze cruise.

When it wasn't nights out, it was nights and days at the Villa. Who else misses the Villa family?

Our excuse for spending a week in paradise, Jason and Laurel's wedding at Trunk Bay on St. John.

Let's hear it for the only reception with a Conga line into the ocean!

The pre-wedding primping of the ladies, and the island tour of the gentlemen.

Copyright © 2003 Brian Burke