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As always, Kevin brought the snow when he came to Colorado. We had a great day getting the tour of Beaver Creek with Chris and Eddie. The next weekend was a trip to Silverton Mountain, home of lift-accessed backcountry riding. We finish the weekend off with a day at Telluride.


BCVail2007_0003 Eddie making turns in the out-of-bounds Spade at the Beav BCVail2007_0004 Kevin in the Spade BCVail2007_0005 It's his 2nd run of his season BCVail2007_0006 Looking down on Beano's Cabin BCVail2007_0007 Some tree riding BCVail2007_0009 BCVail2007_0011 Kevin in the Alta Chutes at Beaver Creek.  A perfect bluebird day. BCVail2007_0012 Eddie cutting across BCVail2007_0016 I swear I got a grab in later... BCVail2007_0019 Chris with a perfect Method BCVail2007_0023 Eddie follows suit
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BCVail2007_0028 Kevin in the fresh BCVail2007_0030 SilvertonTelluride_0002 How amazing is a field of untracked under a lift.  6 SilvertonTelluride_0003 Kevin and I on the lift SilvertonTelluride_0005 First run - a 30 minute hike.  Kevin at the top. SilvertonTelluride_0006 Looking down the ridge we hiked.  The lift is behind the rock. SilvertonTelluride_0007 SilvertonTelluride_0009 We hiked to the middle peak in the picture and dropped the chute to the left. SilvertonTelluride_0012 Silverton backcountry SilvertonTelluride_0016 SilvertonTelluride_0018 Our last run - a chute full of rocks SilvertonTelluride_0022 Driving down the valley towards the town of Silverton SilvertonTelluride_0029 At Telluride on Sunday - still getting fresh from the 14 SilvertonTelluride_0030 SilvertonTelluride_0031 Great terrain in Prospect Bowl. SilvertonTelluride_0032 The hike to Prospect.  Telluride has incredible terrain - and no crowds. SilvertonTelluride_0033 Looking across the valley SilvertonTelluride_0038