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Pics from our trip to Santa Fe and Taos over July 4th


SantaFeTaos2008_0002 Out for a hike SantaFeTaos2008_0003 A cool little arch somebody made SantaFeTaos2008_0004 desert flower SantaFeTaos2008_0006 Kim and I posing at our hotel SantaFeTaos2008_0009 We took our road bikes on the trip SantaFeTaos2008_0010 SantaFeTaos2008_0012 The miracle staircase SantaFeTaos2008_0015 SantaFeTaos2008_0016 Chillin' at the hotel after a rainstorm SantaFeTaos2008_0019 The Rio Grande on the road to Taos