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I spend just over two weeks in New Zealand with Jason and Laurel. We spend 10 days traveling around and 5 days on their boat, Monkey's Business.


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NewZealand0607_0001 Fresh off the plane - 6:00 a.m. Saturday, December 30th NewZealand0607_0004 Jason & Laurel at a beach near Coromandel NewZealand0607_0005 Before we head into the water... NewZealand0607_0006 Getting Green Lip Mussels - we saw this beach at low tide with people wading out and pulled over to find out they're gathering mussels. NewZealand0607_0009 It's that easy IMGP1449 Laurel jumps in IMGP1451 IMGP1453 Nothing but Mussels for two days NewZealand0607_0010 NewZealand0607_0013 A view from the Coromandel peninsula IMGP1455 NewZealand0607_0014 Night 1 - our first holiday park NewZealand0607_0015 A belated Christmas for Jason & Laurel NewZealand0607_0018 Our (somewhat) hard-earned feast NewZealand0607_0019
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NewZealand0607_0020 The warf near Coromandel NewZealand0607_0021 Elizabeth's town park NewZealand0607_0024 We hiked to a small waterfall a few minutes outside of the town NewZealand0607_0026 NewZealand0607_0027 Green life growing on trees in the tropical environment NewZealand0607_0030 A Kauri tree - the 2nd largest tree after the California Redwood IMGP1460 Laurel's a dirty tree hugger NewZealand0607_0034 IMGP1464 New Years Eve - a BBQ on the beach with the crew of Procyon.  We're heading to the Mercury Rising concert. IMGP1466 The Mercury Rising concert pre-party in the field next to the stage. IMGP1470 Hanging out with other cruisers. IMGP1481 A new years toast! IMGP1484 And one for Jason IMGP1487 IMGP1491 These kids had a beer funnel - what else we were going to do? IMGP1494 College came in handy - just like riding a bike. IMGP1496 Jason & the owner of the funnel
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