Up one level Hiking Mt. Sherman

Hiking Mt. Sherman

James, Liesa, Dave and I hike Mt. Sherman on a perfect October day.

MtSherman_0001 Dave, Liesa and James - Getting ready to head out at the crack of 10:30 MtSherman_0002 MtSherman_0003 Mt Sheridan, not Mt Sherman (we figured this out in an hour) MtSherman_0004 At the saddle MtSherman_0006 Liesa coming up the scree field MtSherman_0007 James, Liesa and Dave MtSherman_0008 Breaking before the climb to the summit (far peak) MtSherman_0009 More scree... MtSherman_0011 Can you say Christmas Card picture? MtSherman_0013 Dave and I getting out of the wind MtSherman_0014 MtSherman_0015 Liesa on the lee side of the ridge MtSherman_0016 MtSherman_0017 MtSherman_0018 Almost there... MtSherman_0019 And after a walk across the ridgeline we're at the top - 3 hours up. MtSherman_0021 Mt Elbert in the background. MtSherman_0022 MtSherman_0023 MtSherman_0025