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Moab and Arches National Park

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An October Moab trip for a little bit of 4 wheeling and a visit to Canyonlands National Park

MoabArches_0003 The makings of a great sunset east of Grand Junction MoabArches_0008 The sky burning yellow at 85 mph MoabArches_0011 test change MoabArches_0012 MoabArches_0018 Jason on the first and hardest obstacle of the trail MoabArches_0019 And almost makes it this try MoabArches_0020 Chad pulls up, but without the Boggers... MoabArches_0021 Just can't quite climb it and ends up in a pickle MoabArches_0023 The huge Toy that end up pulling him up MoabArches_0024 All the winching attempts end up snapping an axle shaft MoabArches_0026 One scary ledge MoabArches_0027 With a hell of a drop MoabArches_0028 MoabArches_0029 Almost down MoabArches_0030 Jason's turn in 3 wheel drive
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MoabArches_0031 Nosing down MoabArches_0032 MoabArches_0033 And getting tipsy MoabArches_0034 A look at the Colorado River from high MoabArches_0035 Chad on top of the world MoabArches_0036 The view north MoabArches_0038 Chad, Mary and an apple MoabArches_0040 Balance Rock MoabArches_0041 Chad and Mary MoabArches_0043 MoabArches_0044 A look at the La Sal mountain range MoabArches_0045 Laurel at the rock MoabArches_0046 Double Arches - definately the most fascinating feature in the park MoabArches_0049 Jason, Laurel and I MoabArches_0050 MoabArches_0051 Looking up through the center MoabArches_0052
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