Up one level Moab April 2006

Pics from Maob in April 2006 on Sovereign Trail and Slickrock Trail


MoabApril2006_0004 View from the Moab Rim Trail MoabApril2006_0007 Me at the top MoabApril2006_0008 The outcome of a windstorm in my tent MoabApril2006_0009 On Sovereign Trail, the newest trail in Moab, and also my new favorite MoabApril2006_0010 MoabApril2006_0012 MoabApril2006_0014 MoabApril2006_0015 Going up... MoabApril2006_0016 not quite. MoabApril2006_0018 Heading up a steep climb MoabApril2006_0019 Lunch break at the top MoabApril2006_0020 MoabApril2006_0021 MoabApril2006_0023 Jake MoabApril2006_0024 Take 1 MoabApril2006_0025 Jake climbing MoabApril2006_0026 MoabApril2006_0027 Take 2 MoabApril2006_0029 MoabApril2006_0030 MoabApril2006_0031 MoabApril2006_0035 After Sovereign MoabApril2006_0037 MoabApril2006_0042 Slickrock trail MoabApril2006_0043 Phil coming up MoabApril2006_0044 And Ryan MoabApril2006_0045 The brothers at the top MoabApril2006_0047 MoabApril2006_0048 MoabApril2006_0049 MoabApril2006_0051