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My House

Here's some pics of my new house.

BriansHouse_0001 My house, in the middle of my street.  It's a Victorian, built in 1893. BriansHouse_0002 Looking back into the living room (and I've finally replaced the hellish couch pictured here). BriansHouse_0003 Looking forward towards the front of the house BriansHouse_0004 Dining area and the first bedroom to the left.  Bathroom and laundry straight ahead. BriansHouse_0005 The kitchen - dig the lime green?  I can't decide if I do... BriansHouse_0006 Bedroom 1 downstairs - Media storage and eventually some type of bar cabinet piece. BriansHouse_0007 The office in the addition at the back of the house. BriansHouse_0008 The guest bedroom in the addition at the back of the house. BriansHouse_0009 The house from the backyard. BriansHouse_0010 Patio area BriansHouse_0011 Stairs up (to the left of the front door) BriansHouse_0012 Bedroom 2 upstairs (It'll probably end up as overflow storage for clothing, etc.). BriansHouse_0013 Upstairs bathroom. BriansHouse_0014 Upstairs bathroom - yep, it's tall enough to shower. BriansHouse_0015 Master bedroom looking back BriansHouse_0016 BriansHouse_0017 Master bedroom looking forward - yes, that's a working sink.  Closet is the angled door on the right. BriansHouse_0018 View of the backyard and 2 car garage from the porch off my room. BriansHouse_0019 The porch off my room.