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It was the 5th annual Guac Off, and a good time was had by all!


GuacOff2008_0001 Dan, Jen and I setting up shop for the night... GuacOff2008_0003 The early arrivals GuacOff2008_0004 Lotte and Bridget getting things going GuacOff2008_0005 GuacOff2008_0007 Ready to announce the winner GuacOff2008_0009 Josh and Dan Wartell GuacOff2008_0010 Mr. McDonald GuacOff2008_0011 GuacOff2008_0012 GuacOff2008_0013 This year's winner and her prize! GuacOff2008_0014 GuacOff2008_0017 GuacOff2008_0019 Brian and Kayla GuacOff2008_0021 Josh, Stephanie and Ryan GuacOff2008_0023 Lotte swings! GuacOff2008_0024 GuacOff2008_0025 GuacOff2008_0026 The aftermath of Kim's turn at bat GuacOff2008_0027 GuacOff2008_0028 Dance party USA GuacOff2008_0029 GuacOff2008_0030 GuacOff2008_0031 GuacOff2008_0033 And a little morning surprise decoration