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Easter Celebration 2005

Easter2005_0001 Let the brunch begin 2005EasterChillin0001 The Clarkson Backyard Euro Cafe Easter2005_0003 Euro attitude Easter2005_0004 Sugar and Fruit - The Breakfast of Champions Easter2005_0002 My, what large strawberries you have 2005EasterChillin0003 Cheers! 2005EasterChillin0005 Real men eat the pits 2005EasterChillin0008 The ladies of the morning 2005EasterChillin0009 Cruisin' 2005EasterChillin0010 Posin' 2005EasterChillin0012 Lookin' tough 2005EasterChillin0014 Heading out... 2005EasterChillin0018 The couple with attitude to spare! 2005EasterChillin0023 We chased the sunshine to the front porch 2005EasterChillin0020 A little guitar on the porch is a good thing 2005EasterChillin0021 2005EasterChillin0022 Brooke catching some Sunday sun