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The annual guy's snowboard trip with two days in Crested Butte and two days in Taos.


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CrestedButteTaos2009_0044 Eddie poised to drop in CrestedButteTaos2009_0045 CrestedButteTaos2009_0046 I'm dropping in. CrestedButteTaos2009_0047 Eddie points out the *huge* park! CrestedButteTaos2009_0050 Doing my best Magnum PI impression CrestedButteTaos2009_0051 CrestedButteTaos2009_0054 Me at the bottom of the Blitz chute in West Basin CrestedButteTaos2009_0056 German beers at the Bavarian after a great day riding! CrestedButteTaos2009_0057