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The annual guy's snowboard trip with two days in Crested Butte and two days in Taos.


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CrestedButteTaos2009_0001 The peak of Crested Butte from Silver Queen chair.  Double-diamond terrain open until 4pm! CrestedButteTaos2009_0003 Looking down towards the trees near Headwall. CrestedButteTaos2009_0004 Chris @ the top of the Headwall CrestedButteTaos2009_0005 Chris dropping in CrestedButteTaos2009_0006 CrestedButteTaos2009_0009 The view from the edge of Third Bowl. CrestedButteTaos2009_0010 Me, having dropped in the chute CrestedButteTaos2009_0012 Pushing some deep and heavy snow CrestedButteTaos2009_0013 CrestedButteTaos2009_0014 Chris at the ledge to Lower Third Bowl CrestedButteTaos2009_0015 Peel and Banana Funnel from the base.  A hell of a run at 4pm. CrestedButteTaos2009_0016 Chris & Eddie - day 2 CrestedButteTaos2009_0017 Me, perched to get into Third Bowl
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CrestedButteTaos2009_0018 CrestedButteTaos2009_0019 Eddie Mac! CrestedButteTaos2009_0020 Eddie's powder turns CrestedButteTaos2009_0021 CrestedButteTaos2009_0022 Taos - it goes straight up off the deck! CrestedButteTaos2009_0023 CrestedButteTaos2009_0024 Sunny, but icy as hell on Saturday CrestedButteTaos2009_0025 Chris and Eddie perched on the West Basin chutes CrestedButteTaos2009_0026 Guy's Trip profile shot - hiking the ridge. CrestedButteTaos2009_0027 CrestedButteTaos2009_0030 The view back - we came from the far right edge where the trees go out of frame. CrestedButteTaos2009_0032 Chris starting the 45 minute hike to Kachina Peak summit in the background CrestedButteTaos2009_0034 Chris and I at the top of Kachina Peak - the flags come from Everest. CrestedButteTaos2009_0035 CrestedButteTaos2009_0036 The view to the west CrestedButteTaos2009_0037 Eddie hits the summit CrestedButteTaos2009_0039 CrestedButteTaos2009_0040 Lose an edge and slide for life - a steep, FIRM, chute.  Chris. CrestedButteTaos2009_0041
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