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The week at Witch's Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Jeff, Sean and I head down for a much-deserved vacation of surfing, soreness and relaxing.


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CostaRica2008_0001 Day 1 - Looking out from Witch's Rock Surf Camp CostaRica2008_0002 The Tamarindo beach CostaRica2008_0003 Our home for the next week CostaRica2008_0005 CostaRica2008_0006 Too flat! IMG_4690 The pool at Witch's Rock CostaRica2008_0008 Post-session refueling CostaRica2008_0011 Jeff, Sean, Julia and I at the BBQ joint CostaRica2008_0012 Flash - playing the role of guide/instructor for the week CostaRica2008_0014 Post-dinner recovery CostaRica2008_0017 CostaRica2008_0018 CostaRica2008_0019 Imperial - official sponsor of our week
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CostaRica2008_0020 CostaRica2008_0021 Jeff and Sean - evening at the surf camp IMG_4693 CostaRica2008_0022 Sunset at Tamarindo CostaRica2008_0026 CostaRica2008_0028 CostaRica2008_0030 Dinner at the Jamaican restaurant CostaRica2008_0031 On the menu - red snapper.  Delicious. CostaRica2008_0034 CostaRica2008_0036 Flash and Julia at the club CostaRica2008_0038 Now how's this work? CostaRica2008_0043 CostaRica2008_0046 CostaRica2008_0050 Thow the signs CostaRica2008_0052 IMG_4691 Evening session - Thursday.  My best rides on the 7'10 IMG_4695 Paddling out IMG_4696 Sean in a moment of repose IMG_4697 Or two moments...
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