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2005CostaRica0001.JPG Driving through San Jose after waiting 2 hours in Customs we're trying to find the highway to Dominical in a city with no road signs. 2005CostaRica0002.JPG We head through the mountainous roads of the cloud forest south towards Dominical.  At this point, it's cold, rainy and we're on a mission to get there. 2005CostaRica0003.JPG In-motion picture of the cloud forest 2005CostaRica0187.JPG Jeff where he belongs - in a hammock in Dominical.  Dominical is a small town fairly south on the Pacific side.  It's the road less travelled. 2005CostaRica0189.JPG Playa Dominical on a cloudy day. 2005CostaRica0190.JPG Main Street - you can barely see the hotel at which we stayed the first night. 2005CostaRica0191.JPG A palm tree lined road in Dominical 2005CostaRica0192.JPG 2005CostaRica0004.JPG Showing the locals how this game is played (yea right). 2005CostaRica0005.JPG Jeff's opinion of my game 2005CostaRica0006.JPG Now what? 2005CostaRica0009.JPG Fellow travelers 2005CostaRica0010.JPG We couldn't believe the name of the bar.  At least they know about PBR. 2005CostaRica0011.JPG Heffe
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2005CostaRica0013.JPG And the aftermath 2005CostaRica0014.JPG Getting ready to head north from Dominical towards the Nicoya Peninsula 2005CostaRica0016.JPG Dirt road out of Dominical along the coast.  We were on this road for hours. 2005CostaRica0018.JPG We never figured out what type of trees these were, but there were huge farms of them. 2005CostaRica0019.JPG A typical bridge - always one lane. 2005CostaRica0023.JPG The lowlands with the mountains in the background. 2005CostaRica0027.JPG A small cove north of Jaco 2005CostaRica0030.JPG 2005CostaRica0031.JPG Leaving Puentarenas on the ferry.  This was a dirty old town, and we wanted out as soon as possible. 2005CostaRica0034.JPG Josh relaxing in our posh Daihatsu Terios 2005CostaRica0035.JPG 2005CostaRica0038.JPG A view of land towards the Nicoyo peninsula 2005CostaRica0043.JPG After an hour or so on the ferry, Josh goes picture crazy 2005CostaRica0044.JPG 2005CostaRica0045.JPG Relaxing on the railing 2005CostaRica0046.JPG The sun peeking through the clouds before sunset. 2005CostaRica0048.JPG Josh the mariner 2005CostaRica0049.JPG
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