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Kim and I ride the Centennial Cone open space park. One of the most picturesque parks in the region, the trail circles the mountain with steep drops and amazing views.


CentenialConeWKim_0001 Rolling through the fields CentenialConeWKim_0002 CentenialConeWKim_0005 CentenialConeWKim_0006 The view from the trail CentenialConeWKim_0008 Where does the trail go? CentenialConeWKim_0009 CentenialConeWKim_0010 CentenialConeWKim_0013 CentenialConeWKim_0014 The typical pitch of the trail CentenialConeWKim_0015 CentenialConeWKim_0017 Kim climbing CentenialConeWKim_0018