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Kim and I head to the Sand Dunes with Dan and Jen for some Memorial Day camping. On the way out, we hit up the CO Gator Farm...


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SandDunes2008_0001 Kim and I arrive first SandDunes2008_0002 SandDunes2008_0006 SandDunes2008_0010 Sunset over the Sangre De Cristo SandDunes2008_0011 SandDunes2008_0012 SandDunes2008_0013 SandDunes2008_0014 SandDunes2008_0017 Dan and Jen arrive SandDunes2008_0019 SandDunes2008_0021 Dee-og, a.k.a SandDunes2008_0023 SandDunes2008_0024 The peaceful outlaw SandDunes2008_0025 SandDunes2008_0026 SandDunes2008_0029 SandDunes2008_0030 Playing near the dunes SandDunes2008_0031 SandDunes2008_0034 The long flat to the dunes SandDunes2008_0035 SandDunes2008_0036 SandDunes2008_0038 SandDunes2008_0039 Random fire pics... SandDunes2008_0042 SandDunes2008_0043 SandDunes2008_0048 SandDunes2008_0050 SandDunes2008_0052 SandDunes2008_0053 SandDunes2008_0060 Dan crossing the river SandDunes2008_0061 James - is this how it's done? SandDunes2008_0062
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