Up one level

An early season century ride to see what the legs have in them. Eric and I met a bunch of ER folks, along with my neighbors Greg and Kate for the ride. A late start at 9:00 guaranteed we'd do the ride mostly alone. It was a beautiful day, but the constant headwind heading uphill to Leadville guaranteed a slow first half of the ride, but made for a great fast finish at the end.


BVCentury2008_0001 Heading out of BV on CO 24 BVCentury2008_0002 BVCentury2008_0003 BVCentury2008_0004 Riding with Greg into the headwind BVCentury2008_0005 The lonely road to Leadville - this is what happens when you start at 9:00 BVCentury2008_0006 BVCentury2008_0007 Snow towards Leadville caused the route to change BVCentury2008_0008 BVCentury2008_0009 BVCentury2008_0010 Heading up Tennesee Pass BVCentury2008_0011 The summit - mostly downhill from here BVCentury2008_0012 The start of the bikepath at Leadville BVCentury2008_0013 BVCentury2008_0015 The path was lined with snow heading through the old mining country BVCentury2008_0017 BVCentury2008_0019 BVCentury2008_0020 BVCentury2008_0021 A view of the Collegiate range BVCentury2008_0022 BVCentury2008_0025 BVCentury2008_0026 BVCentury2008_0028 The road home to BV