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Another beautiful day in the mountains - another great Oktoberfest in Breckenridge. We started the ski house early this year, so everyone came up for the festivities. It was great to get to know new friends and catch up with my old friends - just the spirit of the day. Prost!


BreckOktoberfest2007_0001 And so it starts...Jeff, Sommer, Alex, Jay and I. BreckOktoberfest2007_0002 Plus some random guy of course BreckOktoberfest2007_0003 BreckOktoberfest2007_0004 BreckOktoberfest2007_0005 Chris & Julie - T-minus three days and still out living life BreckOktoberfest2007_0006 BreckOktoberfest2007_0007 The whole gang - Laurie, Kate, me, Jeff, Sommer, Alex, Jay, Eddie and Brittany BreckOktoberfest2007_0016 Ready to frame BreckOktoberfest2007_0017 Feeding the beast at Empire Burger BreckOktoberfest2007_0022 BreckOktoberfest2007_0023 BreckOktoberfest2007_0025 BreckOktoberfest2007_0029 BreckOktoberfest2007_0032 BreckOktoberfest2007_0033 BreckOktoberfest2007_0035 BreckOktoberfest2007_0042 BreckOktoberfest2007_0043 BreckOktoberfest2007_0047 Our masterpiece