Up one level A-Basin Thift Store Party 2006

The A-Basin Thift Store party continues. James and I left the Breck house at 5:30 in the morning and pulled into the last spot on The Beach. Dan and Jen drove from Denver (on time!) to join us 10 minutes later and get the party going. This year's party was even crazier than last with the hosts bringing up a hot tub from Boulder, drawing an even bigger crowd than last year. A late afternoon snowstorm didn't put the damper on the anything.


ABasinThift06_0004 Dress rehearsal - Brad ABasinThift06_0005 And James Taylor, circa 1985 ABasinThift06_0006 We arrive to the last spot on The Beach ABasinThift06_0007 And Dan, Jen and Dee-og arrive 10 minutes later from Denver ABasinThift06_0008 In costume - ABasinThift06_0009 James and I relaxing ABasinThift06_0010 Brooke and Allison ABasinThift06_0011 ABasinThift06_0013 More time on The Beach now that Liesa arrived
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ABasinThift06_0014 ABasinThift06_0015 Mush! Mush! ABasinThift06_0016 Home of the DJ and MC ABasinThift06_0017 The party is complete with a hot tub brought up from Boulder ABasinThift06_0019 Brooke and Jen ABasinThift06_0020 Boyle hanging out ABasinThift06_0021 Vogue! ABasinThift06_0022 Brooke and I ABasinThift06_0023 Late afternoon snowboarding lessons for Liesa ABasinThift06_0024 And Jen ABasinThift06_0026 Uhhh... ABasinThift06_0028 ABasinThift06_0029 ABasinThift06_0031 View of the party from the lower slopes