Up one level A-Basin Thift Store Party 2005

A-Basin Thift Store Party 2005

ABasinThrift2005_0001 All... ABasinThrift2005_0002 attitude... ABasinThrift2005_0003 all... ABasinThrift2005_0004 the time! ABasinThrift2005_0005 The whole gang - Josh, a new friend, Bob, Allison, Brooke and I.  Liesa's actually skiing right now... ABasinThrift2005_0010 As I do my little dance on the catwalk.  The Thift Store fashion runway. ABasinThrift2005_0012 Get down, get down! ABasinThrift2005_0014 How did we not win? ABasinThrift2005_0015 Like Deeog in the snow, Josh goes for a run. ABasinThrift2005_0017 Showing us how it's done. ABasinThrift2005_0019 Real Colorado men snowboard bare-chested ABasinThrift2005_0020 The quad-shot glass ski ABasinThrift2005_0023 Allison, Brooke and Liesa chillin' ABasinThrift2005_0024 And wisely deciding to sit-out on the Chinese Downhill (okay Chinese-American downhill to be only slightly more PC). ABasinThrift2005_0028 ABasinThrift2005_0029 What...me? ABasinThrift2005_0030 The Prize! ABasinThrift2005_0031 The Lineup (I'm the 13th or so dot from the left) ABasinThrift2005_0035 The Start ABasinThrift2005_0036 It's neck and neck down the back stretch... ABasinThrift2005_0037 And the finish! ABasinThrift2005_0045 Me, Allison, Brooke and Liesa ABasinThrift2005_0046 This time as a chorus line ABasinThrift2005_0048 Llllliesa! ABasinThrift2005_0049 ABasinThrift2005_0050 Who let me on the slopes?