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Our A-Basin Beach Day

BeachAtTheBasin2005_0001 The willing participants.  BeachAtTheBasin2005_0004 Note how many people are actually wearing ski/snowboarding gear... BeachinAtTheBasin_0003 Group photo, take 2. BeachAtTheBasin2005_0005 If you're lucky, you might even get leid at the beach. BeachAtTheBasin2005_0006 Our little setup. BeachAtTheBasin2005_0007 Brian advertises his career. BeachinAtTheBasin_0004 Jen, Sarah and Jodie BeachinAtTheBasin_0007 It's not a beach party if you don't light the grill. BeachinAtTheBasin_0008 uhhh... BeachinAtTheBasin_0009 BeachinAtTheBasin_0011 Sarah and I. LarryTheLobster1 A wiser man than myself once said 'Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well he eats you.'.