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July, 2010

It was great to get a little break from wedding planning by heading to Telluride for the 4th of July. One of the most beautiful places in Colorado, we enjoyed some great dining, a hike up to Bear Creek Falls and a road ride along CO-145, the San Juan Skyway towards Ophir.

December, 2009

Kim and I had always wanted to go to Southeast Asia, and in December we had our chance to head to Thailand. Jason and Laurel sailed Monkey's Business from Australia, through Indonesia and Malaysia to spend some time in Thailand. We flew down to spend two weeks exploring, relaxing and catching up with old friends while sailing the Andaman coast.

We started with two days in hectic Bangkok, exploring the streets, visiting temples via Tuk Tuks and in general, just taking it all in. From there, we flew south to Patong in Phuket for two days to celebrate Jason and Laurel's birthdays. We sailed Monkey's Business to Ko Phi Phi for some relaxing beach time, coupled with some diving, snorkeling. Finally, we sailed south Ko Lanta for a more relaxed vacation experience couple with caving, an elephant ride and checking out the local towns.

I can't say enough about the friendly and welcoming culture and the beautiful beach and islands. We'd love to head back!

My photo album software doesn't handle videos well, so here are some direct links to check them out on You Tube

Video Links

A mellow part of a Tuk Tuk ride through Bangkok

Kim feeding the elephant after our ride

Riding the dirt roads back from Lanta Town on Ko Lanta

More scenery on the way back from Lanta Town

Coming into town on Ko Lanta

September, 2009

Kim and I detour on our way back from the Breckenridge Oktoberfest to do a little leaf peeping. The road from Idaho Springs to Echo Lake and over Squaw Pass has some great trees - and we take a little detour to Hells Hole Trail off West Chicago Creek Road.

June, 2009

The annual camping pilgramige to Empire with a little trip up to Bill Moore Lake. Duff, Kim and I get away for the night and pretty much have the whole area to ourselves. There was still a lot of snow up towards the lake and we bushwacked our way around it.

February, 2009

Chris, Eddie and I take the extended, closer-to-home annual snowboard pilgrimage to Crested Butte and Taos. CB had great terrain and snow, and Darren Cole's warm hospitality was greatly appreciated. CB truely is a great Colorado ski town. After two days, we head south to check out Taos, as it allows snowboarding for the first time. Taos is crammed with extreme terrain and a care-free attitude. We have beautiful weather, but the conditions are firm and icy from the strong sun. The best terrain is hike-to and we take full advantage of it.

January 10th, 2009

A line of storms hit Colorado in early January, setting up incredible days. Eric, Ed, Gary, Jeff, Sean and I meet up at Beaver Creek for some incredible turns.

October 10th - 13th, 2008

Kim and I visit my Mom in Vermont on what turns out to be a perfect October weekend. The foliage was peaking and with unusually warm and sunny weather for October we were able to take advantage of all VT offered - two trips to the Red Onion Deli, hiking Mt Mansfield, hanging out on Church Street, and heading to Shelburne Farms for breakfast.

September 13th, 2008

Jeff, Sean and I finally coordinate schedules and head to Tamarindo for a week at Jeff's favorite surf town. Our low-season timing was perfect - only 12 people at Witch's Rock, with only 4 for instruction. We start out on long boards with Flash and Vicki as our instructors and are quickly paddling out to the green water to catch breaking waves. The theme of the week, in the words of Flash - "PADDLE, PADDLE, PADDLE!!".

September 8th, 2008

Kim and I head out on a beautiful weekend afternoon to ride Centennial Cone open space park. This is one of the newest parks in the Jeffco system and is a unique ride for the area. The 12 mile trail is smooth, and circles the cone affording amazing views of the valleys below.

July 4th, 2008

Kim and head to Santa Fe and Taos for the July 4th weekend - no fireworks in the desert, but some great dining, hiking and biking.

May 31st, 2008

After much anticipation, Elizabeth and Olaf tie the knot at Devil's Thumb Ranch near Winter Park.

Memorial Day 2008

Kim and I head down to the Sand Dunes to meet Dan and Jen for some early-season camping. The weather was stormy on the way down, but cleared up when we arrived. Despite some high winds, we stuck it out for two nights to indulge in some dune sandboarding. We hit up the ultimate CO tourist trap on the way home - the Colorado Gator farm.

May 2008

After a couple of years, Eric finally roped me into doing the Buena Vista century ride in mid-May. With only a couple of hundred miles in our legs for the season we head out onto the course. The route is through one of the most beautiful areas of the state - the Arkansas valley and past the Collegiate range to Leadville. A big snow year meant Turquoise lakes were still snowed-in, so the route went up Tennesee pass instead.

May 2008

Dan, Jen and I host the 5th annual Guac Off! Thanks to Kim's friend, Vanessa for this year's great t-shirt design.

September 2007

We start the mountain house off right this year by bringing the gang up for the Breckenridge Oktoberfest! Once again, Breck proves it throws a hell of a party, with fun people and beautiful weather.

July 2007

My forth Triple Bypass - you couldn't ask for a more beautiful day, especially after paying my dues last year.

April 2007

I was lucky to join Jen and Heather at the last minute for a trip with a bunch of their friends to Maui. Talk about falling into a vacation. I thought it was a little cheesy when the pilot said "Welcome to paradise" as we touched down, but after two days I realized he was spot on. Sunny, breezy, never too hot, always some waves for surfing and tons of great places to check out with a great group of friends.

February 2007

Kevin brought the snow to Colorado on his one and a half week trip. Chris gives us the local's tour of Beaver Creek on his first weekend on a perfect day. We hit all the great terrain. The next weekend we head to Silverton for a day of guided backcountry riding. Silverton picked up 6" on Friday night and we hit it on a cold powder day for a great experience. We wrap up the trip with a day at Telluride. I've wanted to ride this mountain for years - and it delivered. We were still getting fresh tracks from the 14" they received on Friday night.

New Zealand - Dec 2006, Jan 2007

Jason and Laurel left Florida in November of 2005 on the around-the-world journey. After a year of sailing they arrived in New Zealand in November of 2006. I left after Christmas to travel with them around the north island for two weeks.

We had the perfect "plan" - 10 days or so of traveling around in their camper van to wherever we felt, and then about 5 days on the Monkey's Business sailing and diving. They picked me up in Aukland at 6:00 a.m. on the 30th and we drove to the Coromandel peninsula about 3 hours away. We stayed in Coromandel before heading to Whitianga for the Mercury Rising new year's concert. From Whitianga we drove through Tauranga and, because it was raining, straight to Rotorua to check out the hot springs and Maori culture. From there we went to Taupo where we hiked, drove race cars and went jet boating. After plenty of gas-powered thrills we drove south to the Tongariro National Park to hike the Tongariro Crossing, an 18 km hike through the volcanos. From Tongariro we began making our way north towards the boat, stopping at Waitomo Caves to go "black water rafting" before hitting the black sands of Muriwai Beach near Aukland.

Our car adventures over, we provisioned the boat (while hitting a few vineyards) in Pahia before leaving from the marina in Opua. We sailed through the Bay of Islands to Urupukapuka Bay where we anchored for three days of scuba diving and relaxation. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed traveling New Zealand with Jason and Laurel, a beautiful country with a million things to offer.

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July 2006

In July of 2006 Eric Boyle and I head out to do the Triple Bypass. The weather calls for scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Instead it starts raining at 7:15 in the morning, halfway up Squaw Pass. What followed was the wettest and coldest Triple in history. Of 3500 riders, only 1500 finished - we were two.

May 6thst, 2006

Eric and I head to the Wash Park Derby Party for the first time and sample the scene...

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May 5th, 2006

We gather for the third annual Guac Off! with a bigger crowd that last year. Thanks to Kayla for a great design for this year's T-shirt. Like last year, we had two categories of competition: The Guac category, and the Super-Open-Modified category. James and Liesa took 1st with an amazing Guac, and Jake and Julie won the SOM with a great Mexican Shrimp Cocktail. Some day I may even get around to posting pics from the party last year at Clarkson.

If anyone wants to order a shirt, let me know and we can place another group order.

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April, 2006

Jake and Julie spent weeks convincing me to join them on their annual spring trip to Moab, and at the last minute I did. Jake, Julie, Ryan and I piled into their XTerra and headed out to what was a great trip. We rode the new Sovereign Trail, which was just amazing.

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April 1st, 2006

We make the early morning run from the house in Breck to A-Basin for the annual Thift Store Party. This year's party was even bigger and crazier than last year. Dan and Jen drive up to meet us early in the morning. And Liesa, Brad and Jeff join us in a few hours. The clouds and snow didn't dampen the spirits of anyone.

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February 25th, 2006

The usual suspects, Chris and I, grab a new recruit, Eddie, and head to Jackson Hole for our yearly pilgrimage. Jackson is decommissioning their tram next summer, so this is our last chance to hit it. We pile into Eddie's car, and take the stealthiest route there (heading through Irish Canyon on a dirt road). Once in Jackson, the standard craziness ensues...

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November, 2005

We returned this year to the only part of the state that hadn't had any snow. By November, Wolf Creek had only received 6 inches of snow. We went a little stir crazy in the house for a few days, but did a hike and went to Durango for the day.

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October 2nd, 2005

This weekend was beautiful in the mountains and in Denver. I'd hoped to get a 14er in this summer, but hadn't had the chance to do so, and I figured this was my last chance before the weather turned. So, James, Liesa, Dave and I stayed up at the house in Breck Saturday night and hiked Mt. Sherman on Sunday.

Mt. Sherman is in the Tenmile / Mosquito range, and we hiked it from the Leadville side. We had a hard time finding the unmarked trailhead, so we started an hour lower than needed. This hike was steep, but short, with about 3500' vertical covered in about 6 miles.

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September 2005

The tradition continues...

Yet another beautiful weekend in Breckenridge for Oktoberfest. The suds were unhappy at first, due to the late delivery of this year's mugs, but we made it through just fine.

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July 2005

A few weeks after I moved into my new house, my Mom came out for a couple of weekends in July, with a midweek trip to Steamboat Springs to visit a friend.

We shopped, and we shopped, and we were able to get the place in order...with all those Mom touches that makes a place look lived in.

Thanks for all your help Mom!

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July 2005

So, after years of renting I finally came to grips with the fact that I love living in Denver, and I'm probably not going anywhere soon. Ergo, I should by a house.

To be honest, I got really lucky and found my house in the Highlands neighborhood with relatively little time spent looking. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath Victorian style house built in 1893. The previous owners built out the attic as the 2nd floor. The 3 Bed / 2 Bath doesn't count the addition in the back which has my office and guest bedroom, so I've got a few rooms to spare.

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April 2005

Jeff, Josh and I escape to the beaches of Costa Rica for a week in April. We land in San Jose with no plan but a rental car and the idea to head to Dominical, a small town south on the Pacific Coast. After a drive through the mountainous cloud forest, we arrive and spend a few days on the beach, hanging out and surfing.

From there, we drive north to Mal Pais, a small town on the southern tip of the Nicoyo Penisula to spend the rest of our time. Another day of surfing, plenty of Imperial, good food and general relaxation make for a great trip.

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April 27th, 2005

Well, we could have gone to church, or we could have celebrated a beautiful Sunday with good food and good friends. We chose the latter. An impromptu decision the night before turned into a great gathering as we chased the sun around the sky.

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April 8th, 2005

As if the Thift Store Party the week before wasn't enough, we decide to organize our own day at the Beach. Dan and Jen, and Josh and Brian leave Denver by 5 a.m. to secure us some of the most valuable beachfront property in Colorado. Sarah, Jodie and I lazily head up around 10 a.m. and squeeze in next to them (great parking guys!).

A day of relaxing, grilling, and for some (me) even taking a few runs ensues.

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April 2nd, 2005

As if the normal party at the beach isn't enough, every year a bunch of yahoos from Denver organize a Thift Store Party at the beach. It draws hundreds from Denver featuring music, kegs and Thrift Store fashion. If you think we're dressed the part, you gotta see the rest of the crowd. Josh, Liesa and I head up in our Sunday best to check it out.

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November, 2004

Last year's trip to Wolf Creek was amazing; a fun mountain and tons of snow combined to create a great trip. This year I decided to head back, and bring everyone with me. We rented two cabins side-by-side, brought down a couple of turkeys and all the fixin's and cooked up a hell of a holiday. We came through with the food and fun, and Mother Nature came through with the snow. The whole weekend, Wolf Creek was getting hammered with snow (14" on Sunday) made for great riding.

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October 16 - 17, 2004

A trip out-of-town was needed, and there's no better time to head to Moab, so Dan and I pack up the Jeep and head out to meet Jason and Laurel, and Chad and Mary for some camping and four wheeling. The weather was perfect and the trip was great. For once, my Jeep didn't hit the trails - but we did Gold Rim trail with Jason and Chad. And after probably 10 trips to Moab, I finally saw Arches National Park on Sunday.

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July, 2004

July 2004 - Brian Weiss and I head to France to follow the Tour De France for the last week. It really turned into the trip of a lifetime - cycling through France and watching Lance win his record-setting 6th straight Tour De France.

We leave Paris heading south for the town of St. Egreve, right near the Alps. Using that as a base, we take a few rides and see the Valreas - Villard de Lans stage, as well as the L'Alpe D'Huez time trial. Afterwards we head through Lyons, run into the tour and ride the route on the Annemass - Lons Le Saunier stage as we head towards Chamonix for the night. After Chamonix we make our way back to Paris to watch the finish on the Champs Elysees.

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September 18, 2004

I'm still going to claim this is the best Oktoberfest west of Munich! This year - more people and more fun. Two condos a couple of blocks from town, a great group of friends and beautiful weather all conspired to create a great weekend. The biggest decisions of the day are: big stein or small, and, can I make it out past 6pm. We chose wisely.

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September 12, 2004

We were going to just drive up to Guanella Pass to check out the Aspens, but with two Jeeps and all of us...why not just go wheelin up at Bill Moore lake above Empire. It was all fun and games until the end of the day. Pic by pic commentary to be coming soon...

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June 19th, 2004

On June 19th, we gathered in Breckenridge to celebrate Chris and Julie's wedding. Reuniting with old friends from far, and old friends from close, we had a great time leading up to the ceremony late Saturday afternoon. Perfect to the T, the weather only threatened to turn ugly, but just-in-time for the ceremony the clouds broke and the sun came out. I felt very special for being included in the wedding and to be able to celebrate this day with you both - Thank you and best wishes!

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March, 2004

Whistler Blackcomb 2004. The trip I've been wanting to make for years to visit the largest and what many consider to be the most challenging mountains in North America. The mountains didn't disappoint.

Without a doubt, this was the best assembly of riders and skiers I've ever ridden with. That, coupled with Sarah's local friend, Luke, who rode with us at Whistler, combined into some of the hardest and most enjoyable days of riding I've had. I was told that Whistler wasn't too challenging, and that Blackcomb would be where I'd spend most my time. Whoever told me that had obviously never had the guided tour of Whistler we were given. From the Peak Chair, Luke took us straight to the Cirque, with a nasty rocky drop-in. This was followed in short secession by some amazing, un-named trees, then the 5000+ vertical foot out of bounds tree run known as Peak to Creek. In short, these mountains are as challenging as anything I've ridden, and much larger than you imagine them to be

I'd like to thank everyone on the trip for making it such an enjoyable time. It was great riding and partying with you all. I'd especially like to thank Maja and Beth for organizing it.

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February 15, 2004

The guys' version of a perfect Valentine's weekend - blue skies and deep powder. Jason, Brendan, Chris and myself head to Vail to avoid the crowds. It hasn't snowed in more than a week, but we find plenty of fresh powder in Blue Sky Basin.

January 3, 2004

Kevin came out to spend new years with his friends up in Vail, and as usual, the big snow followed him. Last time he was in Denver was for the March blizzard last year. This time, it snowed for two and a half days non-stop in Vail, from Thursday night through when we left Saturday afternoon.

The timing was perfect - the season passes were blacked-out, keeping the locals off the mountain, and the storm was too much for the tourists to handle. That left us, and not many others all day to ride the powder. Picture it, no lift lines on Chair 5 all day while riding waist-deep powder. It was a day to talk about for a long time.

October 18-19, 2003

With little convincing, Dan and I plan another trip to Moab. This time, we're not going to make the mistake of not riding Slickrock trail. I have some friends doing the 24 Hours of Moab race this same weekend, so in theory, this is a trip to check out the race. But, it's 12 miles on the other side of town, and ten bucks just to get in and wander around, so we never make it over there.

Instead, we bike the trail that is Mecca to the mountain biking world: Slickrock trail. It's difficult to describe the fun (and challenge) in riding this trail, so I'll let the pictures tell the story. We also ride the Gemini Bridges trail, and take the Jeep on Hell's Revenge trail to justify driving it from Denver.

October 4-5th, 2003

So, one year later we all travel to North Conway, New Hampshire to celebrate Mark & Angie's wedding with a delayed reception that conviently coincides with Oktoberfest. Paulaner and Spaten, Bratwurst and Lederhosen and good times. Thanks Mark & Angie!

August 2003

Here it from St. John.

September 27th, 2003

After years of four wheeling Moab, I finally got a chance to bike it this fall. I hooked up with Neale and Ryan and a bunch of their friends to make the weekend pilgrimage. We camped in Kane Creek, near the trailhead for the Jackson Hole Loop, the ride we did Saturday. Moab generally cools off by this time of year, but it was unusually hot on Saturday, with tempatures reaching 105 in the sun. The ten of us made it through the most grueling 22 mile ride I've done, after hiking through sand, climbing 500 vertical feet, and running out of water. So, it wasn't you're usual mountain biking experience, but then again, this is Moab. Sunday's ride was a much easier 12 miler on the Monitor and Merrimack trail, named for the two rock formations resembling the first ironclad warships of the civil war.

September 6th, 2003

I finally made it to one of the largest Scottish/Celtic festivals in the country. The cloudy and sometimes rainy weather was perfect for the event; it just felt right. We got there around 1pm, and squeezed in all our fun until it closed at 5pm. After a quick retreat to our (lame) campground, we headed into town.

June 1st, 2003

On June 1st of this year, Kevin and I rode America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride, a 100 mile ride around Lake Tahoe, CA. Going in, we both felt we had nowhere near the number of miles on our bikes we felt necessary. We were pleasantly surprised to complete the ride not only in a pretty quick time, but pain-free. All in all, we covered the 100 miles, and 2500 vertical feet in 5:53. This most certainly is an aptly named ride, the combo of the beautiful scenery and each other's company made this ride just fly by.

The following day, we had some time to kill and our legs still felt like they had enough strength in them to do the Marin Headlands loop, a 20 mile loop with some great climbing and descending. The initial climb from the Golden Gate bridge is very steep, but is tame compared to the white knuckle descent of the one-way road on the far side. It's a twisty descent on the cliff's edge on which when you release your brakes for even a second you hit at least 40 mph. This wouldn't be an issue if there wasn't a hair-pin turn always looming.

May 17th, 2003

On May 17th of this year, my Mom completed a long-term goal of her's to complete her education and earn her Bachelor's degree. My brother and I both flew home for the occasion.

August 16th, 2003

I wanted to get in one last four wheeling and camping trip this summer, so on August 15th, Chad, Ryan (plus his two girls) and myself headed up to camp near Frisco, and wheel the Wheeler Lake trail. It rained most the night camping, hence no pictures, but the trail the next day was fun.

August 9th, 2003

I didn't want another summer to go by without climbing a 14er, so a big group of us went down to Buena Vista to camp and hike Mt. Yale, which at 14,196' is the toughest hike of the Collegiate Peaks.

July 19th, 2003

After pulling off the Triple Bypass (see below) I wanted to try to ride Mt. Evans. I'd never even been able to make the drive to the top (freak snowstorm in August last time), and figured riding it to the summit for the first time would be a good time. I called Doug up two days before hand, and he was game, so we headed out early in the morning.

July 12th, 2003

On July 12th I accomplished my biking goal of the summer, completing the Triple Bypass, a 120 mile bike ride from Evergreen to Avon with over 10,500 vertical feet of climbing. The route travels over Squaw Pass, Loveland Pass and Vail Pass. The ride was a challenge, but a great time. I can't begin to thank my friends enough for their support during the ride. It made the miles pass a lot quicker. And you should have seen Dan and Jason running across I-70 to get pictures coming down Vail pass.

Dan and I head up to ride Three Sisters/Alderford Park in Evergreen.

The first day with my new digital camera, a Canon Powershot S400, so Josh and I ride the Redskin Mountain Loop in Buffalo Creek.

April, 2003

This spring, Chad, his friend Jeff, Doug, Forest and I drove out to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari. Herein lie the pictures.

I'd like to thank my friend Jeff for the look and feel of this site. It' this site. He found a nice clean design and I decided to use it.

Copyright © 2003 Brian Burke
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